Let me tell you how amazing I am

I’m Adrian.

I write good and think smart. My scamps are a bit rubbish though.

Born in Mexico City, raised in country Australia, I’m one of the few Mexican-Australians in the world. (Most definitely the only one who’s gone from washing dishes at Fernando’s Mexican Cantina in Toowoomba to making ads in New York).

I started my career making documentary films and TV series about wars in places like Papua New Guinea and Afghanistan that we then sold to the History Channel and NHK Japan. But then in a moment of clarity, I realized that advertising involved less guns being shoved in your face, along with nicer hotels during shoots.

Since turning to the darkside I’ve been lucky enough to work in New York, London, Berlin and Sydney at an alphabet soup of agencies.(AKQA/BBDO/CUBOCC/DDB/JWT/Leo’s/Publicis/R/GA/Saatchi&Saatchi/YaddaYaddaYadda).

Along the way, I’ve made stuff for big shiny names as varied as Audi, Cadillac, Citi, Dove, Google, Kinder, Samsung, Tourism Australia and Walmart. I’ve also led successful pitches for brands like GMC, HPE, The Olympics, Red Lobster, Sheraton, and S+P Global. And been part of creating some more worthy initiatives for organizations like Creative Spirit, Dove Self Esteem Project, UNICEF and War Child.

When not crafting transformative solutions for clients, or being an all-around idiot, I enjoy taking long walks around Brooklyn with my toy poodle and wasting my spare time lamenting the state of the Nets and the Niners.

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