'Real Beauty'

I spent 18 months in London working as a global CD on Dove, handling projects ranging from brand campaigns, to Japanese facial cleansers, Dutch deodorants, Thai skin whitening creams, Indian soap and global image asset libraries.

These two pieces were the highlight.
[That, and discovering Thai women are obsessed with 'Chicken Skin' aka the bumpiness in your armpits.]

'Paper Chain'

To help spread the Dove mission to the next generation of women we created a film that helps young girls understand that they're not alone in thinking the way they do about their body.
The film drove viewers to this Pinterest filled with self esteem building tips and exercises parents and young girls can do together.
It continues to be used during workshops Dove does at schools to kick off the conversation around body image.



Part of a global campaign to encourage women not to be so self-critical about their appearance.
We made a print/OOH campaign based off the insight that women rarely smile at their reflection in a mirror.

me dove crack hi-res.jpg